K-6 Arts Integration Curriculum for After School, Summer & STEAM

Choose From 2 Arts Enrichment Classroom Kits

Literacy & The Arts Kit

The solution for K-6 Afterschool & STEAM arts programming!

This arts-based digital kit with companion picture books, provides everything you need to deliver fun, effective activities in music, dance, visual art, theater, and writing. You will receive everything you need to complete eight engaging activities in music, dance, theater, writing and SEL, all culminating in a satisfying performance experience. We make it easy, so no prior arts teaching experience is required! Program benefits include:

  • Social Emotional Learning: The goal of the program is to use the arts to build empathy, inspire creativity and build collaboration skills.

  • Arts Activities: benefits of early arts instruction include enhancing creativity and problem-solving and building confidence and self-esteem.

  • Literacy: Participation in theater has been proven to improve children's oral reading skills, reading comprehension and fluency by consistent repetition and practice of scripts and lyrics. 

  • Academics: Studies show that students involved in theater/arts programs exhibit higher standardized test scores, improved reading comprehension, better attendance records, and generally stay more engaged in school than their non-arts counterparts.

Each Literacy & The Arts Kit provides:

  • Eight (8) engaging arts lesson plans for grades K-2 and 3-6, aligned with STEAM and SEL standards.
  • Picture books for reading comprehension activities.
  • Ready to print PDFs and content for use in class: theater scripts, lyric sheets, picture book musical videos, dance instructional videos, mp3s of music.
  • One year performance license.

Musical Play Kit:

Everything you need for a School Play or Reader's Theater

Our musical plays and reader's theater program is based on stories from our collection of picture books. The program uses the power of theater arts to help students collaborate, build confidence, and express their creativity with pride. This kit will also improve reading fluency, comprehension and social emotional skills.

Included in this kit:

  • Digital Files For: Play script, lyric sheets, sing-along soundtrack, artwork (see above for details).

  • Picture Books: One companion picture book per student for the literary component of the program, ordered & shipped separately.

  • License: One year license for one school (purchase additional licenses as needed).

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Booksicals Arts Kits begin with stories found in picture books.

Our books feature key social emotional themes such as empathy, the power of kindness, respect for others, team collaboration and more. These themes are emphasized in the lesson plans that come with our classroom kits. Please click below to get acquainted with our books, stories and SEL themes.


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