Classroom Kits

Literacy & The Arts Kit

Literacy & SEL Through the Arts Provides Instruction in Art, Music, Dance, Theater and Writing

A literacy based arts program for the classroom that uses picture books and the arts to stimulate creativity, improve reading skills and explore critical thinking.

How it works:

  1. Choose a kit based on a story from one of our picture books.
  2. You’ll receive a downloadable digital kit*
  3. Your digital kit includes a one year license for one school. For use in more than one school, add number of schools in your shopping cart.
  4. Choose the amount of companion picture books you will need for your classroom (one book per student). Books are shipped separately.

The program is designed for each student to receive their own picture book to complete the literacy portion of the program.

* Your digital kit includes 8 lesson plans in art, music, dance, theater and writing plus play script, sing-along soundtrack, lyric sheets, artwork, animated musical video of the book & one year license.

Click on the titles below to choose a story and see samples of the kit components.